Why have thousands of Pre-reg's joined the PDA for free?

Following the unfortunate consequences of the fatal peppermint water dispensing error, a Pre-reg and a newly qualified pharmacist faced manslaughter charges.

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There's strength in numbers...

Prior to the 'peppermint water' case, everyone had always thought that Pre-reg's could never be held liable as they were not pharmacists this case proved that this notion was wrong. It is now clear that Pre-reg's, like pharmacists, are practising in an increasingly regulated and litigious society.

The Pharmacists' Defence Association (PDA) wasted little time in coming to the support of all Pre-reg's and now offers FREE full membership of the PDA the benefits of which are very wide ranging. If you think that you will never need the support of your own defence association, then now is a good time to think again.

Join the growing numbers of Pre-reg's who understand the importance of defending their professional reputation, by contacting the PDA today. Many of your Pre-reg colleagues have already realised that carrying their own independent indemnity insurance is a must and preferable to relying on that of their employer. Membership of the PDA however provides much more than that!

What you get from your free membership:

  • £300,000 of Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • £300,000 of Legal Defence Costs insurance
  • Ready access to expert advice from experienced pharmacists and lawyers
  • Taking your side if your employer's actions lead to an error
  • Pre-Reg Conferences to support your training year
  • Specialist risk management articles, newsletters and the PDA website
  • Many more services besides…

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Don't face problems alone.

You need never feel that you are alone whilst you are a PDA member. Our experienced pharmacists and lawyers are at the end of a phone to advise you. We have supported hundreds of your colleagues over the years when they have been in conflict with the police, their tutor, employer or the Society. Risk management is also our speciality. As a member, you can have access to our entire educational portfolio of case studies, publications and articles.

The PDA is the only defence association that has no allegiance to, or conflict of interests with, any employer or employer organisation.

The only interests we serve, are those of our members.

Thousands of Pre-reg's have already taken pro-active steps to defend their reputation. Have you?

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Over 22,000 pharmacists have already joined the PDA, Have you?
Our members save £5 when they renew online, Have you?
Thousands of pre-regs have claimed FREE membership, Have you?
Newly qualified pharmacists can join FREE for 3 months, Have you? Pharmacy undergraduates can join FREE! Have you?

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