How do I Join the PDA?

In order to provide maximum flexibility you can join the PDA either on-line using your credit/debit card, by the traditional method of filling in an application form or by telephone.

Renew your membership online

If your are already a member of the PDA please enter your username and password to renew your membership. It is important to login before renewing to avoid any unnecessary delays.


Please Note :

For security reasons your password is case specific, i.e. you MUST enter it using any capitals where, and only where, necessary.

If you have forgotten your username and/or password click here for a reminder

Student and Pre-Reg Members:

» Undergraduate students

» Sandwich course students

» Pre-registration pharmacists

» Newly registered pharmacists

Joining Online

Applying on-line provides a discounted rate for full membership, which is not available for paper or telephone applications.

As well as providing a discount, this method has the advantage of providing you with instant cover subject to your filling in a 'clean declaration'. There is a short process which involves filling in an online application form. At the end of this you will make a credit card transaction through NetBanx - a credit/debit card transaction specialist.

Join online with your credit/debit card

FREE Undergraduate membership

FREE Pre-Registration membership

FREE Newly Qualified membership

Joining by telephone

Alternatively you can call us on 0121 694 7000 and discuss your requirements. We will then mail the appropriate application form to you.

Telephone applications will be at the full membership rate, rather than the discounted on-line rate