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This section contains articles originally printed in 'Insight', The PDA's regular newsletter.

  • Technicians want to make final check on prescriptions and sell P meds with no pharmacist present

    The Association of Pharmacy Technicians supports pharmacies operating in the absence of a pharmacist and wants pharmacy technicians to take on community pharmacist roles.

    Insight Magazine - Spring 2015 [30-APR-15]  
  • Boots in court after losing whistle blowing case

    An Employment Tribunal recently considered a claim by a PDA Union member who was forced to resign after raising patient safety issues that Boots failed to take seriously. The Tribunal identified a catalogue of failures and heavily criticised senior managers.

  • Linda Strand at the PDA Conference

    Professor Strand is supporting the PDA as it seeks to turn its Road Map vision into an operational model of practice here in the UK.

  • How To Handle Pressure To Meet MUR Targets

    Pharmacists can help protect themselves from being disciplined for MUR performance by following some simple steps

  • The Role of Assistant Director of the PDA

  • Too Many pharmacists? What's being done?

    The issue of "Too Many Pharmacists" was the focus of several PDA member conferences in 2012 and led to the development of a seven point plan.

  • Devolution - an opportunity to increase demand for pharmacists

    It is universally accepted that pharmacists' skills are underutilised in the healthcare system.

  • Are we producing too many pharmacists?

    In 1999, the pharmacy undergraduate population was 5,534; in 2009 it stands at 13,026 and the number of pharmacy schools is set to increase still further. The PDA's Conferences in England and Wales considered this subject and explored possible solutions

    Insight - Autumn 2012 [01-SEP-12]  
  • Customer Driven Profiling and Protecting Your Rights

    Customer driven profiling is a term that those who work for Alliance Boots will be familiar with but the principle should be familiar to everyone.

    Insight - Boots Winter 2011 Edition [20-JAN-12]  
  • Pre Reg; Problems With Final Sign Off

    The pre reg training year is a time of crucial importance for aspiring pharmacists. The transition from novice pharmacy graduate through to a registered pharmacist requires hard work, a committed tutor and a supportive learning environment.

    Insight - Boots Winter 2011 Edition [20-JAN-12]  
  • Boots Pharmacists urged to Seize The Day

    This feature reports on two developments which could change the way pharmacists' relationship with Alliance Boots will function in the future. If the approach taken in this organisation is successful, then it may be possible to establish similar arrangements with other pharmacy employers.

    Insight - Winter 2011 Edition [20-JAN-12]  
  • Chairman's Letter - Are your interests being well looked after?

    Last year, the PDA supported pharmacists in more than 4,000 situations where members called for assistance; more than 16 new calls for help every working day.

    Insight - Boots Winter 2011 Edition [20-JAN-12]  
  • "You pays your money and takes your choice"

    John Murphy, General Secretary of the PDA Union, tells pharmacists why it is time to decide how they wish to be represented

    Insight - Summer 2011 Boots' Edition [05-AUG-11]  
  • Hospital Pharmacists On-Call Consultation

    Responses to new localised on-call arrangements consultation are due end of March. PDA provides an update.

  • Creating a new Road Map for Pharmacy

    Prior to the establishment of the NHS, if someone went to see a doctor, he would charge a fee for his time and then usually write a prescription, which when presented to a local pharmacist would also result in a dispensing fee having to be paid.

  • Stopping Remote Supervision - what next?

    The supervision arrangements in hospital pharmacy are different from those in community pharmacy and there are some very good reasons for this.

    Insight - Summer 2010 Hospital Edition [23-JUL-10]  
  • News: RPSGB must not be controlled by the pharmacy multiples says PDA

    From 2011, membership of the RPSGB will become voluntary leaving pharmacists to effectively vote with their feet.

    Insight - Summer 2010 Hospital Edition [23-JUL-10]  
  • Substantial progress made as a result of the Elizabeth Lee appeal

    The practice that has developed in the last decade for the Police to use the 1968 Medicines Act to prosecute pharmacists once gross negligence manslaughter was excluded was a trend that the PDA was determined to stop, when Elizabeth Lee faced her initial trial in April 2009.

    Insight - Summer 2010 Community Edition [17-JUL-10]  
  • The long awaited CPS Guidance

    On 21st of June 2010, just 26 days after the Elizabeth Lee Appeal Court hearing, the Crown Prosecution Service published its dispensing error guidance to prosecutors.

    Insight - Summer 2010 Community Edition [17-JUL-10]  
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