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  • Pharmacists concerned at Data breach

    Tue 18th December 2018 The PDA

    PDA Union members have alerted us that Well Pharmacy have inadvertently emailed out a spreadsheet containing data about pharmacists, in a significant data breach. The spreadsheet was attached to an email titled “Xmas Payments” and was sent last week to locum pharmacists. The PDA does not know how many people received the information. 

  • PDA Union support Health Campaigns Together

    Thu 13th December 2018 PDA Union

    PDA Union members care about patients, the National Health Service and healthcare in the UK overall and that’s why the PDA Union are working with Health Campaigns Together (HCT).  

  • Important Advice for PDA members at Medipharmacy Limited

    Sat 1st December 2018 PDA Union

    PDA Union members at Medipharmacy Limited will be understandably concerned about their future after the company announced it would be putting 16 branches up for sale. PDA are offering high level advice immediately and asking members with specific concerns to contact us. 

  • Why is Boots so concerned the PDA Union will see what’s in its staffing model?

    Fri 30th November 2018 PDA Union

    In a recently published decision of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) following a complaint about Boots made by the BBC, the company has robustly defended its refusal to release its staffing model. One reason given was that it might be used by the PDA Union in support of the application currently being made on behalf of thousands of Boots pharmacists who are seeking an independent voice at work. 

  • Case Study: Constructive Dismissal at Boots

    Wed 28th November 2018 PDA Union

    The PDA Union have recently seen the judgement of a Scottish Employment Tribunal where a trainee pharmacy technician at Boots was constructively dismissed after being given a final written warning. This was despite DISPROVING an allegation made in a customer complaint that she had breached confidentiality.  

  • View from a community pharmacist

    Thu 1st November 2018 The PDA

    One recent letter summed up so much of what we hear from members across community pharmacy, that we decided to publish it. We have kept the individual’s name and their employer anonymous because we know that what they describe here is experienced by pharmacists working for many different employers across community pharmacy. 

  • Well Pharmacy: Hepatitis B immunisation

    Thu 20th September 2018 PDA Union

    It has been brought to the PDA’s attention that some employees of Well Pharmacy may have been asked to start providing flu vaccinations despite not having been immunised to protect against Hepatitis B. We understand there is currently a national shortage of Hepatitis B Vaccine in the UK. 

  • LLoyds Pharmacy Bonus Payments

    Fri 14th September 2018 PDA Union

    A number of PDA Union members at Lloyds Pharmacy are receiving advice from the union about the company's request that they "re-pay" the bonus payments which they were recently paid. 

  • Further “recognition” discussion between PDA Union and Boots’ senior management

    Fri 6th July 2018 PDA Union

    A team of PDA Union representatives held a second meeting with senior Boots managers on Thursday 5 July at a Boots’ store in Derby and discussions continued about the union’s formal request for recognition at the employer. 

  • PDA Union celebrate 10-year anniversary

    Tue 3rd July 2018 PDA Union

    The PDA Union celebrated its 10th anniversary last week at their Annual General Meeting, which was used to highlight the years' key successes.  

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