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As a general rule, members who have specific queries relating to their membership status or their insurance should contact PDA by telephone.

There are many ways in which you can communicate with the PDA. Our interactive facilities are available to allow you to browse through our constantly growing archives, which provide a useful working tool for pharmacists in practice.

Enquiries relating to advice of a professional, ethical or legal nature are best made either via a search through the archives on this site or via email, as this enables your enquiry to be dealt with in the most appropriate way, and may involve it being forwarded to the most appropriate Advisory Board member.

Naturally there will be those situations where urgent advice is required by members, and in those instances making contact by telephone is always advisable.

Complete contact details:

Postal address:
The Pharmacists' Defence Association
The Old Fire Station
69 Albion Street
B1 3EA
0121 694 7000
Incident reporting:
0121 694 7007
24-Hour helpline:
0121 694 7017
0121 694 7001
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