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  • Advice and FAQs for prescribing and non-prescribing pharmacists in primary care

    Mon 15th November 2021 The PDA

    The PDA has produced an advice and FAQs document designed as a first port of call for members working in general practice or primary care.  

  • NAWP produces breast cancer awareness factsheet

    Sat 23rd October 2021 The PDA

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month where people all over the world show their support for everyone affected by breast cancer. This month, NAWP has produced an information factsheet to help raise awareness of breast cancer and highlight the signs and symptoms of breast cancer in women, men and transgender women. 

  • BAME Pharmacists’ Network launches Race and Ethnicity Terminology Factsheet

    Mon 20th September 2021 The PDA

    The BAME Network has produced a new factsheet to help PDA members and others in the profession to educate themselves on terminology used when discussing issues and topics around race and ethnicity.  

  • Global Pride Day – 27 June 2021

    Sun 27th June 2021 The PDA

    To mark Global Pride Day (27 June 2021) the PDA has worked with Troglo to produce a FREE factsheet on Sexuality and Gender to raise awareness and to help others to be more understanding of those in the LGBT+ community. 

  • PDA updates Covid-19 vaccine FAQs

    Thu 27th May 2021 The PDA

    The PDA has updated their Covid-19 vaccine FAQs for pharmacists to use when talking to patients, to help answer any questions or concerns they may have and to help them to overcome vaccine hesitancy.  

  • PDA releases guide to Covid-19 vaccine administration

    Thu 20th May 2021 The PDA

    The PDA has put together a guide to vaccine administration in light of the ongoing Covid-19 vaccination programme. This guide will serve to help those individuals who have completed the prerequisite training and are giving Covid-19 vaccinations.  

  • Guide to: Discrimination and the pregnant employee

    Wed 19th May 2021 The PDA

    The PDA believes that everyone deserves to be treated fairly at work and to feel respected and valued. However, many people in the UK face prejudice and discrimination in the workplace even when facing pregnancy and maternity, one of nine protected characteristics covered by the Equality Act 2010.  

  • PDA urges pharmacists to stay safe and take adequate rest breaks

    Sat 10th April 2021 The PDA

    Proper rest breaks are an important element of maintaining a safe environment for patients and helps to protect the health and wellbeing of workers.  

  • PDA publishes a Discharge Medicines Review Service guide

    Tue 30th March 2021 The PDA

    After receiving enquiries from members around the delivery of the Discharge Medicines Review Service, the PDA has published an informative guide that provides an overview of the service, signposts to useful resources and highlights areas where issues may occur.  

  • NAWP produces factsheet to mark Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

    Mon 15th March 2021 The PDA

    Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month takes place in the UK every March and is an opportunity to raise awareness of ovarian cancer. 

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