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  • Latest News

    • Indemnity for Pharmacists working in GP surgeries

      Mon 13th February 2017 The PDA

      With membership premiums starting at £212 for lower risk activities, the average cost being £440 and 93% of pharmacists working in GP surgeries paying less than £900, membership of the PDA offers the most cost effective form of professional indemnity for GP surgery based pharmacists.  

    • Press Release: Update on PDAU Recognition with Boots

      Mon 13th February 2017 PDA Union

      Senior judges tell Boots pharmacists that if they want to have their collective bargaining rights represented by the PDA Union, then they must seek the derecognition of the Boots Pharmacists Association. 

    • The PDA’s February student events

      Mon 30th January 2017 The PDA

      We have been invited by schools of pharmacy to attend various student events, so as to inform MPharm students about what a pharmacist's career is like and what the PDA's role is in supporting it. 

  • PDA Insight – Autumn 2015

    • PDA Insight – Autumn 2015
    • PDA Insight – Autumn 2015
    • PDA Insight – Autumn 2015
    • PDA Insight – Autumn 2015

    The PDA Insight for Autumn 2015 focuses on a new government initiative for pharmacists to work in GP surgeries, professional indemnity arrangements, the potential benefits of hub and spoke dispensing and the launch of the locum campaign.

  • Latest Consultations

    • PSNI Consultation on Pharmacist Prescriber Register Annotation

      Tue 17th January 2017 The PDA

      The Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (PSNI) is consulting on legal changes in relation to the annotation of the register of pharmacists who are qualified as independent prescribers, and corresponding changes for supplementary prescribers to ensure a consistent legislative approach to the two groups. 

    • GPhC CPD Sampling Consultation

      Wed 2nd November 2016 The PDA

      The GPhC proposed to change the way it samples registrants' CPD records - reducing the minimum sample size to 2.5% each year. The PDA called for research to assess whether CPD recording was of material benefit to the public and raised serious questions about the GPhC's approach to the consultation. 

    • Consultation on Pharmaceutical Services Regulations in Northern Ireland

      Wed 2nd November 2016 The PDA

      The Department of Health in Northern Ireland consulted on legal changes to enable prescriptions from therapeutic radiographers and registered dieticians to be dispensed, and to allow community pharmacy contractors to refuse to provide services to patients (or those accompanying them) if they are violent or threaten violence or a criminal offence. 

  • Latest Publications

    • Problem Clauses in Employment Contracts

      Fri 21st October 2016 The PDA

      This booklet gives examples of employment contract clauses that pharmacists and pre-registration graduates should avoid to ensure that they are not disadvantaged in the event of a dispute with their employer. 

    • PDA Locum Booklet – Rights & Responsibilities

      Tue 18th October 2016 PDA Union

      In 2009, the PDA received nearly 3,000 queries, of which over a fifth involved locum contract disputes. As such, we responded to our members' wishes by producing this guide to clarify your rights and to set realistic expectations in remedying any dispute or professional dilemma. The locum guide was revised in October 2016. 

    • Contract for Locum Services

      Tue 18th October 2016 The PDA

      This publication is a draft agreement that provides a locum with a balanced proposed contract to enter into negotiations with an employer. 

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