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This section contains news relevant to the individual pharmacist agenda and is presented in chronological sequence.

  • Boots Market Based Pay  Update November 2015

    In November 2014 John Murphy PDAU General Secretary warned Boots pharmacist employees that the plan to introduce Market Based Pay (MBP) was the thin end of the wedge.

  • Launch of the Campaign to support locums.

    Locums are increasingly receiving poor treatment at the hands of some employers; it's about time that something was done about it!

  • New Union Structure (Members Only)

    The executive of the PDA Union are proposing changes to the rules in order to meet the future needs of members and create a platform for further growth.

  • Do you want to work in the emerging New Role opportunities?

    We are looking for pharmacists who are keen to work within a group practice of pharmacists so as to provide pharmaceutical care services to caseloads of patients that have been referred to them by GP's.

  • Technicians want to make final check on prescriptions and sell P meds with no pharmacist present

    The Association of Pharmacy Technicians supports pharmacies operating in the absence of a pharmacist and wants pharmacy technicians to take on community pharmacist roles.

  • Is this the job you have always dreamt of?

    The PDA is recruiting a pharmacist who has the ability and qualities to manage and drive the implementation of the PDA Roadmap strategy

  • Easter 2015 Opening Hours

  • The campaign to cap the numbers of Pharmacy students

    Members will know that back in 2012, the PDA instigated a series of Conferences around the UK to focus on the problems looming on the horizon regarding the over production of pharmacy students.

  • The result of the PDAU vs Boots judicial review (Members Only)

    By now you will have heard that the Judge in the hearing to establish whether the PDAU would be granted a declaration of incompatibility enabling it to seek a change in the UK law to bring it in line with EU Human Rights legislation has been refused.

  • The Legal Journey (Members Only)

  • Why formal recognition of the PDA Union by Boots would be good for patients and pharmacists

    The road to gaining formal recognition with Boots has been tortuous, with the company expending considerable efforts to prevent its pharmacists being able to negotiate their pay, hours and holidays through a union of their choice.

    John Murphy, PDA Union General Secretary [23-MAY-14]  
  • PDA presses for a reduction in student numbers

    The government now recognises that Schools of Pharmacy are producing too many graduates  But what is to be done? The PDA has submitted it proposals.

  • Self-selection of P medicines - not in the public interest!

    The PDA is urging pharmacists to sign a petition against proposals that will allow the owners of pharmacies to display P medicines on self-selection.

  • An update about Union recognition with Boots

    The PDA Union has now received a copy of the independent report prepared by the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) which outlines the percentage of PDA Union members employed by Boots.

  • Locum advice; getting paid by pharmacies that have cash flow difficulties (Members Only)

    In the past the PDA has been able to secure debts owed to its Locum members with great success. There is a trend emerging in some pharmacies to offer work in the knowledge that there is the unlikely prospect of paying their fees. the PDA gives some advice below

  • PDA Union critiques Lloyds new locum contract

    We have received enquires from members who provide Locum Pharmacist services with regard to the new Lloyds agreement for the provision of Locum Services.

  • PDA Union Elections February - April 2013

    The PDA Union Executive has authorised elections for executive members and Membership Group representatives.

  • Too Many pharmacists? What's being done

    This issue was the focus of several PDA member conferences in 2012 and led to the development of a seven point plan.

  • Boots Employment Tribunal Claims Update

    This is an update regarding the progress of claims made in the Nottingham Employment Tribunal against Boots Management Services Limited.

  • Boots Recognition - Register your interest

    Following on from the recent features in the PDA's Insight magazine about the recognition of the PDA Union by Boots we invite you to register your interest in the proposal going forward on a confidential basis.

  • PDA Union; The SW consortium and the taking of industrial action (Members Only)

    The NHS as an employer has a collective agreement with the major NHS Unions and although local consultation arrangements with the PDA Union exist with some trusts, we do not have a negotiating/collective bargaining agreement.

  • PDA Union and SIPTU agree to work together

    The PDA Union and the union representing shop staff in Ireland have agreed to work together on matters of common concern.

    A PDA Union Press Release [03-JUL-12]  
  • Advice for Boots pharmacists threatened with dismissal following ET Judgment

    A recent Employment Tribunal decision found that Boots Management Services Ltd had acted unlawfully when it cut premium pay by 25% for long serving pharmacists.

  • Boots Rest Break Policy

    The PDA has been contacted by a number of members concerning a "Rest Break Policy" which has been recently issued by Boots in conjunction with the Boots Pharmacists Association (BPA). A senior executive of Boots has agreed to share a copy of the policy with the PDA.

  • A students report from the PDA Executive Meeting

    Zoe Phillips, the executive officer for the Student and Pre registration membership group attended the PDA Union Executive meeting on the 29th March 2012. Here is her feedback from the meeting about what you need to know as a student!

  • Alliance Boots Restructure

    We have been contacted by a growing number of members recently who are seeking advice about a major restructuring exercise that has recently been announced at Alliance Boots. Details are sketchy at present but it appears that a significant number of jobs are at risk throughout the company.

  • Boots Update

    The PDA is acting behalf of a number of its members in respect of the claim being brought against Boots Management Services Limited.

  • The joint campaign to seek decriminalisation of dispensing errors

    Over the last 4 months the bodies in pharmacy have been working together in an unprecedented way to try and deliver a solution to the problem of the criminalisation of dispensing errors.

  • Decriminalisation: The House of Lords Debate

    The following is an extract from Hansard from the Lords' debate on the decriminalisation of dispensing errors.

  • PDA warmly welcomes review of pharmacists' role in Scotland

    The Pharmacists' Defence Association warmly welcomes the announcement that the role of community pharmacists in Scotland is to be reviewed. The review will consider how to make better use of pharmacists' expertise and enhance their involvement in primary healthcare.

  • The Emperor has no clothes! Reviewing the RP Regulations

    From member feedback, we know that the very mention of the RP regulations and the way in which they were introduced, still causes many pharmacists to suffer an increase in blood pressure.

    Insight Summer 2011 - Community Edition [01-AUG-11]  
  • Alliance Boots defies common sense - More Information (Members Only)

    Alliance Boots has rejected a group grievance submitted by the PDA Union and is insisting that pharmacists attend individual grievance meetings.

  • Alliance Boots defies common sense, logic and the wishes of its pharmacists

    After 4 weeks of silence, Alliance Boots has confirmed in a letter received on 23rd May 2011, that it has rejected the wishes of many of its pharmacist employees who requested a group grievance to be conducted by their Union, on their behalf.

  • Alliance Boots Changes to Terms & Conditions

    The PDA has been contacted by a number of members regarding a leaflet entitled "Simplifying our Pay and Benefits at Boots" which they have recently received.

  • Are you thinking about a Career Break?

    The PDA has always encouraged pharmacists to protect their income in the event of unforeseen circumstances, and promotes the Pharmaceutical & General Provident Society income protection plan.

  • Why do Pharmacy Students need to join the PDA

    Pharmacy undergraduates are now coming under scrutiny from the pharmacy regulator, through Schools of Pharmacy 'fitness to practice' procedures. Students' behaviour, conduct and integrity are being monitored to judge their suitability to become future members of the profession.

  • Revised advice to members of the Boots Pension Scheme

    Boots refusal to allow members to 'reserve their rights' as part of the application process into the new pension scheme gives rise to new advice from the PDA which may require members to take urgent action.

    PDA Union [22-JUN-10]  
  • Proposed Changes to Boots Pension Plan

    If you are an Alliance Boots Pharmacist Employee, please read the important information below.

    The PDA Union [04-FEB-10]  
  • Protecting Your Employment Rights

    Protecting the employment rights of pharmacists will be pivotal to the work of the PDA Union.

  • Protecting the interests of the Responsible Pharmacist

    During a series of meetings last autumn and spring, the concerns of the PDA about the unworkable proposals contained in the RP regulations were consistently raised with the RPSGB. We expected that these would be dealt with in the Society's RP toolkit when this became available.

    Mark Koziol - PDA Chairman [29-SEP-09]  
  • Launch of the PDA Fighting Fund for the decriminalisation of dispensing errors

    The PDA has launched a fighting fund to help secure these objectives and we appeal to all pharmacists to contribute to this campaign.

  • Prison sentence for a dispensing error - A Call to Action

    The PDA and its legal representatives have spent the last 18 months dealing with an aggressive police investigation into a dispensing error and defending a pharmacist initially arrested and investigated on suspicion of manslaughter.

  • Tesco demand pharmacists wear uniforms "or resign"

    We have been informed by some of our members that Tesco Stores Limited is introducing a uniform for all Pharmacist employees.

    PDA Union [13-FEB-09]  
  • When Lloydspharmacy Decide Full Time Workers Are No Longer Full Time

    We have evidence that Lloyds have assumed that full time working is now 45 hours per week. As a consequence they have recalculated employees bank holiday entitlement pro-rata.

    PDA Union [13-FEB-09]  
  • Lloyds unilaterally impose terms on locum contracts

    The PDA has been contacted by angry members who have received notification from locum agencies that Lloyds have imposed certain conditions on their hourly rates and travel expenses. This article gives PDA members relevant advice.

  • Pressure to Perform MURs

    The PDA is aware of increasing pressures being placed upon its members to undertake a certain numbers of MURs

  • Late Night Pharmacies - Health & Safety Issues

    The PDA has recently become aware that some employers are no longer ensuring that it is company policy to have security guards working until midnight in those branches that have late opening.

  • PDA members standing in RPSGB elections

    In the wake of large pharmacy organisations putting forward their candidates for Council election, Mark Koziol urges pharmacists to vote for pharmacists who have a perspective from the individual as opposed to the organisations perspective.

  • The PDA response to the Clarke Inquiry

    Read the PDA's response to the Clarke Inquiry on the future of the RPSGB

  • The Responsible Pharmacist - The PDA responds

    The PDA's response to a consultation on proposals for the content of the Responsible Pharmacist Regulations.

  • Contribute to the RPSGB's Questionnaire on 'Remote Supervision' by 29th June - urges PDA.

    PDA urges its Members not to miss the opportunity to contribute to the RPSGB's survey on 'Remote Supervision'.

  • Remote Supervision

    Concerns about Health Act proposal to allow a pharmacy to routinely operate in the absence of a pharmacist

  • PDA launches hospital pharmacist membership

    The PDA has gone from strength to strength since it was founded in 2003. However, until now, membership of the PDA was available predominantly to pharmacists in the community and primary care sectors. The PDA announced today that it was now opening up membership to all hospital pharmacists

  • Improved benefits for all members

    The PDA are constantly reviewing the service they provide and have made some important additions, in particular changes to your insurance.

  • Locum awarded holiday pay

    A locum pharmacist who worked at the same pharmacy for six years had his services ended suddenly.

  • PDA to develop employee representative network

    The PDA intends to set up a national bank of employee representatives to accompany 'work colleagues' to employment disciplinary meetings.

  • Implications of technician registration

    Pharmacists have always been held responsible for the staff that they supervise, but how will this change once they are registered with the RPSGB?

  • PDA to act on violence in pharmacy

    A lot has been written recently about violence in pharmacy, but, when pharmacists report violent situations, how many of these reports are acted upon?

  • Error reporting - is it really blame free?

    Pharmacists need to understand the legal and ethical implications of reporting dispensing errors and how to risk manage these implications. The PDA is supporting a conference organised by the Pharmacy Law and Ethics Association on May 12th which will consider this important subject.

  • £37,000 compensation for employee pharmacists

    Although most employers in pharmacy are decent, the PDA is called to intervene in cases where employees have been treated unfairly by employers.In just four months, PDA has secured more than £37,000 in compensation on behalf of employees from employers.

  • Disputes over locum fee payments ?

    Periodically, self-employed locum members contact PDA for advice in situations where they are having problems getting their fees or expenses paid after they have completed their locum duty. In response to this, the PDA has launched a dispute resolution service to support locums in this situation.

  • Boots Insist on Locums Carrying Their Own PI Insurance

    Boots The Chemists announced that they would no longer cover any self employed Locum's liabilities whislt practicing in their pharmacies.

  • PDA clarifies its position on Indemnity Insurance for Supplementary Prescribing.

    The PDA is pleased to announce that it has made arrangements with underwriters to ensure that suitable cover exists for pharmacists during their training and early practice as a supplementary prescriber.

  • Liability Issues for Pharmacists Partaking in Diagnostic Testing and Health Screening Programmes. (Members Only)

    To help reduce the risk of liability to individual pharmacists in relation to any diagnostic testing services, the PDA issues guidance.

  • PDA and NPA Meet To Discuss Issues Of Mutual Concern (Members Only)

    A senior NPA delegation including the Chief Executive, John D'Arcy and Finance Director Richard Maw, met the Executive of the PDA its offices in Birmingham in January. Issues such as 'the fall out for Pharmacy as a result of the Shipman Inquirey

  • 25 deaths linked to wrong dose of methotrexate

    The National Patient Safety Agency is soon to launch an important new initiative to support pharmacists in helping to reduce the cases of deaths and serious harm that occur as a result of patients taking methotrexate in unintended doses. PDA has been consulted on the contents of the initiative.

  • PDA Meets With The RPSGB To Discuss Recent Law and Ethics Bulletin On Employer Security Procedures

    The PDA meet with officers of the Society to discuss thecontents of a recent Law and Ethics bulletin, which they thought prejudiced employee and locum pharmacists.

  • PDA Seeks Liability Clarification Regarding Health Screening in Lloydspharmacy

    The PDA has written to Lloydspharmacy for clarification regarding its Health Screening Programmes in relation to liability issues.

  • PDA calls for individual contract holding pharmacists

    A strategy document entitled " A vision for Pharmacy in the new NHS" was published by the Department of Health during the summer months. The document formed part of a wider consultation and invited interested parties to submit their views.

  • Yellow Card Drug Alert Scheme 'Deeply Flawed'

    A system designed to highlight dangerous side-effects of medicines is not working, claim researchers in a recent BBC report

  • Painkillers 'Cause Kidney Damage'

    Taking too many painkillers can damage some people's kidneys permanently, scientists claim. In a recent BBc report

  • SOS - New RPSGB Charter Draft Is Unsupportable

    The new RPSGB Charter draft has been released for consultation. The Save our Society campaign believe that it is unsupportable.

  • Excessive use of mobile phones under RPSGB scrutiny

    The Professional Standards Directorate has made it clear that it believes that excessive use of mobile phones in the dispensary could prevent pharmacists from properly supervising the sale and supply of medicines.

  • Technicians degree course established

    A part-time foundation degree in pharmacy course for technicians has been established. The course, is aimed at Technicians in Industry and Hospital.

  • The Pharmacists' Defence Association Is Launched

    It was announced on 12 September that a new association has been launched. The purpose of the Pharmacists Defence Association, a not-for-profit organisation, is to 'defend the reputation of the individual pharmacist, throughout their professional life'.

  • PDA Commissions Large Scale Research Project

    The PDA has commissioned a large-scale research programme designed to explore the thoughts of community employee and locum pharmacists with respect to a wide range of professional, environmental and practice issues

  • D.O.H. Make It Safe To Blow The Whistle.

    The Department of Health has recently issued a new policy pack to help NHS trusts and organisations develop and review their whistleblowing policies and procedures.

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