Update on employment changes at LloydsPharmacy

The PDA will be supporting any members affected by the announcement made by Lloyds Pharmacy about potential pharmacy closures, changes of ownership and changes to employment contracts.

Sat 25th July 2020 PDA Union

PDA members have sought support after Lloyds Pharmacy regional managers briefed store pharmacy teams on 21 and 22 July with more detail on the previously announced project to make changes to Lloyds pharmacy

As Lloyds do not yet have a recognition agreement with a trade union to represent affected staff, employee representatives have been elected to speak on behalf of the workforce during a formal period of consultation.  The Employer will then confirm its proposals having heard the views put forward.


As the company says it may want to change your contractual terms, it is critical that you are fully aware of your current individual terms and conditions.  We strongly advise you to locate your copy of your current employment contract.  If you do not already have this at home, then please request a copy from your line manager in writing as soon as possible. 

Although the company have stated that they do not expect to make any pharmacists redundant, reductions of other staff availability, or branch closures will have an impact on pharmacists.  Similarly, if the company sell any stores this could lead to pharmacists being transferred to a new employer.  The potential of harmonising terms and conditions among colleagues that currently have different contracts may also leave employees worse off in elements of their employment.   These are all concerns for pharmacists.

In parallel to the changes being introduced by the company, pharmacists are seeking an agreement between the company and the PDA Union so that in future such consultations involve the trade union and that pharmacists can negotiate improved pay and benefits through the PDA Union.

Mark Pitt, Director of Defence at PDA said: “It would be better if we were representing pharmacists at the heart of these discussions under a recognition agreement, but as an independent trade union we can still provide support to individuals.  Any PDA member directly impacted by a proposed change should get in contact with us. Many employees will have certain statutory protections and the PDA team includes experts in employment law so we can help with such change.

Mark Pitt added “Our members are understandably concerned about this announcement.  Once more details are known we will be able to assist individuals with any specific concerns.  Pharmacists can be reassured that the PDA will help ensure that our members’ employment rights are protected and that those pharmacists are treated fairly.

The PDA actively encourage all Lloyds pharmacists who are not yet members to join us now


We are also aware that non-pharmacist colleagues may also be concerned by these changes, while we do not represent non-pharmacists we are concerned for their futures and well-being.  We recommend that they too join an appropriate union



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The Pharmacists' Defence Association is an appointed representative in respect of insurance mediation activities only of
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