PDA wants to hear about the impact of Brexit on pharmacy

Brexit is the most significant political event happening and with the risk of a no deal exit from the UK’s membership of the EU coming closer, the PDA wants to make sure the interests of patients and pharmacists are being considered by decision makers.

Wed 7th August 2019 The PDA

The PDA is a member of the DHSC’s Community Pharmacy Brexit Forum, and while discussions there are confidential and we cannot control the subsequent decisions or actions of the NHS or politicians, we can assure you that we are championing the interests of patients and pharmacists.

We know that pharmacists are concerned to ensure that patients can continue to receive their medicines and that the whole health service can deliver the care patients need, the PDA as a trade union, is also concerned about the impact on pharmacists at work.

It will potentially be front-line pharmacists that face patients and their carers and families and have to spend the time explaining what alternative options exist in the event of a medicines shortage crisis. We say that employers need to make sure pharmacists are given the extra time, clearly agreed processes and appropriate supporting communications. Employers must protect their employees and locums from any aggressive behaviour that could come from frustrated and concerned members of the public. The government has a responsibility to support employers in this, but if the government fails to do so, this in no way removes the obligation on employers to look after each employee or locum for whom they are responsible.

We recognise that pharmacists in secondary care may face additional problems; those associated with a potential reduction of EU healthcare personnel upon which hospitals are very reliant. Pharmacists working within pharmacy departments or as part of multi-disciplinary teams will need to be supported by employers as they face the direct consequences of under staffing.

The PDA also appeals to wholesalers to act responsibly and not seek to take advantage of any shortage situation through an aggressive pricing policy or by favouring certain of their larger pharmacy customers.

At this time, we’d like to remind PDA members to let us know if you start to see any of the above issues manifesting, or any other consequences of Brexit beginning to develop so that we can raise these either at the Brexit forum or elsewhere if appropriate.

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