PDA exploring all options for pharmacist as pharmacy business faces insolvency

The PDA are exploring all options to ensure a pharmacist facing losing their job receives their full entitlement to compensation and pay, including owed holiday pay, after a pharmacy which is heading for insolvency told them to claim from the government for any monies owed.

Fri 4th September 2020 The PDA

Colne (HCC) Ltd is entering insolvency administration and a pharmacist employed there has been told that the company may not be able to pay their outstanding wages.  The pharmacist has been told that they will have to claim compensation from the government. However, the government scheme has financial limits which may still leave the individual out of pocket.

A search of public information from Companies House identifies that the directors and shareholders of the company include L. Rowland & Company (Retail) Limited as a person of significant control.  The search also reveals the company’s accounts are overdue.

Athough the company is a separate legal entity, the PDA believe that If a large multiple allows an employed pharmacist to be treated like this in a company in which they are involved and does not ensure they receive their full wages due, it raises worrying questions for current and potential employees of that multiple.

Put simply, if this is how the decision makers of the multiple allow a pharmacist to be treated then would they allow others to face the same difficulties?

The PDA contacted the pharmacy superintendent of Rowlands in an attempt to resolve this matter privately, however despite Rowlands significant investment  in Colne (HCC) Ltd, they told the PDA that our member: “… should direct any employment concerns to his legal employer which is not Rowlands Pharmacy”, something which has already happened.

Paul Day, PDA Director said: “We will consider all options to ensure our member receives their full contractual entitlement.  No legitimate action against the owners or Directors of the employing company is ruled out at this time.

We believe that Rowlands pharmacy can easily afford to make sure our member is not left out of pocket by the failure of a business in which they have a significant stake and we call on them to do so without delay.


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