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Networking event for those who failed the assessment in June 2022

Following the June 2022 exam results, two PDA Reps, Samuel Opoku and Ayah Abbass, set up a networking event for those candidates and PDA members who had failed the exam and become potential pharmacists and provisionally registered.

Sat 29th October 2022 The PDA

Samuel Opoku, community pharmacist and PDA Rep said, “The PDA is committed to ensuring full support and encouragement for all members who sit the GPhC/PSNI assessment exam, including those potential pharmacists and prov-reg resitters.”

Failing the GPhC/PSNI assessment can be a very daunting experience for those involved. The PDA strongly urges pharmacists and employers to help those who have failed previously by providing additional guidance, support, and, where appropriate, time off for revision.

Both Samuel and Ayah had personal experiences of previously failing the assessment and shared their experiences in PDA Member Voice articles. They have both since passed and are now successful working pharmacists. Last month, in their PDA roles, they arranged a networking event for PDA members, potential pharmacists, and prov-reg resitters, in order to share their experiences and provide support leading up to the exam in November.

Ayah Abbass, community/GP pharmacist and President of the PDA NAWP Network said, “I remember clearly how it felt when I received an email informing me that I had failed my pre-registration assessment. This is one of the biggest exams for pharmacists as it can determine our future. It is mentally and physically draining.  Also, it can add to financial pressure. It is very important to remember life isn’t a race and that failing is just a small hurdle to your successful future. This doesn’t mean I always felt motivated to revise for my second attempt, hence why Samuel and I feel it is so important to help those who are resitting the assessment, as it can be a very dark time. We wanted to provide hope and support.”

Samuel Opoku said, “I sat my pre-reg exams as a mature student. There was the family to take care of and I told myself that failing wasn’t an option. I was disappointed when I failed, and I rushed without assessing if I was ready for a second sitting in November. Unfortunately, I failed again. I had only one chance left to sit the exams. I was under immerse pressure to pass. But the support I got from PDA colleagues and PDA Education was very important in boosting my confidence and assuring myself that I could pass the assessment. This was exactly what I wanted to share with members who failed the assessment in June. It was great to share our experience with other members and assure them that failing an assessment is not the end. With planned revision and a lot of confidence boosting, they will surely pass. I think members appreciated the support from pharmacists who have been through similar experiences. We wish all candidates sitting the assessment in November the best of luck and the PDA are here to support you at every stage of your career.”

All of the support that the PDA provided to exam candidates was provided for FREE as part of the PDA’s commitment to support future generations of pharmacists.

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