PDA joined the Rethink Pharmacy debate

PDA Director of Public Affairs, Claire Ward recently joined the panel for 'Project Rethinking Pharmacy', a webinar hosted by Pharmacy Magazine and P3pharmacy.

Sat 12th December 2020 The PDA

The webinar covered the point of pharmacists, what pharmacy is for, the benefits of community pharmacy and where and how pharmacy fits into the healthcare environment.

Hosted by Richard Thomas, Editor of Pharmacy Magazine and Rob Darracott Editor of P3pharmacy, the webinar debated if the community pharmacy model as we know it will have a future and if so, how we can move forward as a sector to meet the priorities of patients and the NHS.

Claire Ward, PDA Director of Public Affairs, joined the guest panel to give an external perspective on the debate.

“What we saw during the first wave (of the pandemic) is a number of community pharmacies who were remaining open when GPs closed their doors and weren’t accessible to the public. Those community pharmacies were available to see patients when nobody else was and that made a huge difference I think, to the response of the public and how they feel about community pharmacy, but actually, we need to move it on because it has opened up an opportunity for community pharmacy but what it really needs to be opening up is the opportunity for much more clinical intervention by pharmacists and the use of the skills of pharmacists.”

Claire went on to say: “What we’ve seen over the last few years is far too much reliance upon the retail footprint and the utilisation of that retail environment and being seen unfortunately by Government as still retailers. We know that the reality is very different, that community pharmacy gets most of its income from the NHS, that it is providing a really important service and what we need to do going forward is to make sure that the NHS, that Government, that policymakers integrate community pharmacy into its thinking and to its delivery, and that the skills, the clinical skills of those professional pharmacists are utilised properly.”


You can watch the full webinar here

You will need to register to attend the webinar in order to view it. 


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