PDA respond to the GPhC’s consultation on its Publication and Disclosure Policy

The GPhC consulted from 5 July 2018 until 14 September 2018 on changes to its publication and disclosure policy in relation to individuals subject to fitness to practice proceedings.

Tue 16th October 2018 The PDA

This policy relates to, for example, how long a fitness to practice determination will remain online if a pharmacist is removed from the GPhC register.

The GPhC is proposing to reduce the length of time for which fitness to practice sanctions are published.

For example:

  • Warnings: reduction from two years to one year
  • Undertaking: reduced to the duration of the undertaking plus one year (instead of the previous plus two years)
  • Conditions: reduced to the duration of the conditions plus one year (instead of the previous plus two years)
  • Suspensions: reduced to the duration of the suspension plus two years (instead of the previous plus five years)
  • Removals: reduced to 10 years (instead of indefinitely)
  • Restoration or re-admittance after removal by a Fitness to Practise Committee (FtPC): the fact of removal will be published alongside the restoration summary for five years. On restoration, the original determination of removal will be taken down.

The PDA support the changes and agreed with the GPhC that the reduction strikes the right balance between the public interest and the rights and freedoms of individuals.

We do however recommend that pharmacists be informed of the GPhC’s publication and disclosure policy at the time that the sanction is issued, specifically on how long the details of the sanction pertaining to them will remain in the public domain.

Download the PDA’s full consultation response here

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For more information about the consultation, click here.

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