PDA to bring risk management training to PDA members working in GP Practice Based and Primary Care Pharmacy roles

Learning from the incidents handled by PDA, MORPh delivers risk management training for Primary Care and GP practice based pharmacists.

Fri 6th October 2017 The PDA

In the last year or so, the numbers of pharmacists working in GP practice and associated primary care pharmacy roles have expanded rapidly. Additionally, many pharmacists have found themselves working in these new challenging roles for the first time and are therefore finding themselves in unfamiliar territory. Through the incidents and potential claims that are now appearing, added to the kinds of queries received from members, the PDA has developed a good understanding of many of the causes linked to the emerging issues. A crucial aspect of good risk management is that the lessons of the few should always lead to the learning of the many and for these reasons, as a Defence Association, the PDA is keen to share its learnings with pharmacists involved in these areas of work.

To deliver such a benefit for members, the PDA is delighted to announce a brand-new PDA Plus partnership arrangement which is designed to turn these learnings into high quality training for pharmacists involved in GP Practice based and Primary Care Pharmacy work.

A new PDA Plus partnership

MORPh has been delivering training specifically designed for pharmacists working in CCGs, clinical practice and GP Practice based roles since 2001. It develops study day programmes and bespoke training for specific individual groups. Building upon this already established expertise, the PDA has worked closely with MorPH to develop a range of unique risk management based training programmes which are based on the incidents and concerns that have been handled by the PDA. The training materials developed are designed to prevent PDA members from encountering claims and incidents in the future. The resultant training events are now to be rolled out nationally across all four countries of the UK and will be provided free of charge as a member benefit. In the interests of the profession and public safety, they are also available to non-members on a fee-paying basis.

Beyond the training events that have been developed in conjunction with the PDA, MoRPH will also operate a training programme which is highly relevant to pharmacists working in GP Practices or in Primary Care generally and these are also provided free of charge, but to all pharmacists.

The clinical modules for 2017 include:

  • Interpretation of laboratory Results
  • Managing Chronic Pain
  • Infection Control
  • Mental Health
  • Anticoagulation

For 2018 they include:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Dermatology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Oral Nutritional Supplements
  • Dressings
  • Unravelling the Drug Tariff


Mark Koziol, Chairman of PDA said

“A civil claim for compensation following an error or omission is an extremely stressful process for all parties concerned. For pharmacists, it often leads to a Fitness to Practice investigation at the hands of the GPhC as well as an employment disciplinary. As a Defence Association, we know that the best way to defend our members, is to try and keep them out of harm’s way in the first place. We are therefore delighted that working with MORPh will enable us to provide training designed specifically for this purpose.”

 He continues;

In MORPh, we’ve found a training provider partner that is experienced, credible and very much up to date with this exciting and rapidly growing area of practice. Our training events are not designed to generate hype or hysteria around the new GP Practice based roles; they seek to address the more sobering practical realities of working safely. Working together with MORPh has enabled us to develop training materials that focus on dealing with the known causes of errors and are based on our unique experiences of incidents involving our members and the difficulties that they have encountered. The training is designed to complement what is already available as a more generic form of training from employers and other sources.”


Duncan Jenkins, Managing Director of MORPh added

This exciting partnership with the PDA is a great way for us to share our knowledge and experience with even more pharmacists across the UK. PDA members, like all pharmacists, need continuing professional development, to keep up to date with the fast-moving development of GP Practice based and primary care pharmacy work. They will need a range of extra skills to help them avoid the pitfalls that may have been encountered by their colleagues. We’re delighted that we are able to work with the PDA and to learn from their experiences to help their members do better in their work.”


MORPh Training and Consultancy was founded in 2001 and has a solid pharmacy foundation with a reputation for delivering high quality services. A pharmacist-managed and led organisation, with Directors Dr Duncan Jenkins and Rachel Jeynes and a team of associates from the NHS. MORPh have 16 years’ experience of working at a high level with the NHS and Pharmaceutical Industry.

MORPh Training has worked with the NPC, NICE, BNF, HSCIC delivering prescribing guidelines and information support. More regionally, MORPh has worked with local County Council Public Health Services and CCGs on specific projects.

The MORPh National Practice, GP and Primary Care Pharmacist training programme now consists of over 45 Study Days a year, across the UK and covering all therapy areas. There is an emphasis on the practicalities of delivering high quality care within the practitioner’s competence and with an understanding on National guidelines. All the speakers are experts in their field, many are pharmacists and bring case studies along for group discussion.

The PDA encourages PDA members who are either working in these areas of practice, or who are thinking of working in GP Practice based work in the future to book a place at one of these training courses. Please book early as places are limited!

Find out more at PDA Plus

or contact claire@morphconsultancy.co.uk

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