The PDA Union challenges Boots’ senior managers to do the right thing

After winning the legal argument in court over who qualifies to vote in the forthcoming ballot, the PDA Union have challenged senior managers at Boots to voluntarily listen to their employees who have asked for an independent trade union to obtain formal recognition at the company.

Thu 22nd February 2018 PDA Union

“Recognition” will mean the PDA Union can negotiate over pay, hours and other working conditions directly with Boots on behalf of pharmacists. The Union have been fighting to obtain recognition at Boots for over 7 years.

Boots currently has an agreement with the Boots Pharmacists’ Association (BPA), which blocks the PDA Union from getting recognition; even worse the BPA agreement specifically excludes any negotiations over pay and other topics of importance to pharmacists. The agreement prevents employees from exercising their basic human rights and pharmacists will shortly be asked to vote on whether the agreement should be removed to allow the PDAU to secure negotiating rights.

Mark Pitt, Assistant General Secretary at the PDA Union, said “It’s a pity that the senior management of Boots up to now are preventing pharmacists from having an independent voice at work.  Many employers across the private and public sectors, including the NHS, engage respectfully and effectively with trade unions that are recognised as the independent voice of employees, so it remains a mystery why the senior management at Boots are so reluctant to do the same.”

Mark continued: “Actions speak louder than words and it appears that Boots’ senior managers will only negotiate over pay and other working conditions if they are forced to do so by the courts.  Other parts of the Boots organisation, such as in distribution, recognise independent trade unions and the company still have an opportunity to change their attitude and do things differently. We challenge them to voluntarily do the right thing now.”

Unless the company do change their position, a ballot will shortly be held of pharmacists and pre-registration pharmacists employed by Boots. If a majority of those who vote to support ending the Boots/BPA agreement, and that majority constitutes at least 40% of those entitled to vote, the PDA Union will be able to apply for recognition.

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