How the Boots ballot could benefit all pharmacists and pre-registration graduates

VIDEO: Mark Koziol explains how the Boots ballot to derecognise the Boots Pharmacists’ Association, could benefit all pharmacists and pre-reg graduates.

Thu 10th May 2018 PDA Union

From now until 23 May, 7,000 Boots pharmacists and pre-registration graduates have the opportunity to vote for positive change  and help secure improved working terms and conditions negotiated on their behalf by the PDA Union. Mark Koziol, Assistant General Secretary of the PDA Union, explains why the PDA Union gaining recognition with Boots would be beneficial to ALL pharmacists and pre-registration graduates, not just those in Boots.

Boots has spent 7 years preventing its pharmacists from gaining an independent voice at work. In 2012, the Boots Pharmacists’ Association, an in-house staff association often referred to as a “sweetheart union”, signed a very limited agreement with Boots under which it is only allowed to collectively bargain over topics that affect its own officials and the BPA itself, which are of little consequence to pharmacists.  This agreement blocked Boots pharmacists from being able to negotiate better terms and conditions through the PDA Union.

We urge all pharmacists to encourage their Boots pharmacist or pre-reg colleagues to vote “Yes” to derecognising the BPA, so they can get an independent voice at work through the PDA Union.

Eligible pharmacists who have not received a ballot paper by 14 May are instructed to contact the CAC Case Manager, Sharmin Khan, on 0330 109 3622

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