Vote in the Boots ballot and raise money for charity

The PDA Union have announced that they will be giving £1.00 to charity for each Boots pharmacist and pre-registration graduate who votes in the forthcoming ballot as a way to encourage participation in the ballot process. The charitable gesture is not dependent on which way Boots pharmacists and pre-registration graduates vote and will be paid irrespective of the outcome of the ballot. The funds will come directly from the PDA membership fees of Boots pharmacists only.

Thu 3rd May 2018 PDA Union

  • PDA Union launches charitable initiative to encourage Boots employed pharmacists to vote in the derecognition ballot
  • Potential for £7000 to be raised for charity
  • Donation of £1 for every vote cast – irrespective of whether it supports PDA Union’s campaign for recognition

Mark Pitt, Assistant General Secretary of the PDA Union, said: “We want to encourage participation in the ballot and saw an opportunity to raise funds for charity at the same time.”

“We have decided to give the total amount raised to a charity, or charities, suggested by Boots pharmacists and pre-registration graduates. After the ballot is complete and we know the amount to be given, we will be asking them for suggestions as to which organisation will receive the donation.”

The secret ballot of almost 7,000 grade 5, 6 and 7 Boots pharmacists and pre-registration trainee pharmacists will determine whether the PDA Union can progress towards recognition and the ability to negotiate pay and employment conditions at Boots. This is the latest stage of more than 7 years of efforts for pharmacists and pre-registration graduates to be able to exercise their rights and negotiate better working conditions at Boots. It forms part of the PDA Union’s wider campaign to get recognition from the employers of all their members.

The PDA Union is asking Boots pharmacists and pre-registration graduates to vote “YES” to end the agreement that blocks them having an independent voice at work. However, the donation will apply however people vote and whatever the outcome of the ballot.  The ballot is entirely confidential, and will be managed by an independent person, so neither the PDA Union, the BPA, nor the company will ever know which way any individual has voted.

The PDA Union approached Boots management, inviting them to match the donation and encourage voter turnout. Boots declined to do so.

Mr Pitt concluded: “We hope our charitable giving initiative is another reason for people to exercise their democratic voice and vote in this ballot. Ballot papers will be coming through the post from the 10th May and should be returned as soon as possible.”

For more information about the derecognition ballot, please visit:

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