Decriminalisation of Dispensing Errors

Since 2007, the PDA has been instrumental in the campaign to decriminalise dispensing errors.

  • Decriminalisation concerns – PDA writes to Pharmacy Minister

    Wed 28th March 2018 The PDA

    The PDA are concerned that the Rebalancing Board, charged with the responsibility to provide a wide ranging and appropriate amendment to the law, has failed to do so and has written to the Pharmacy Minister with an offer to help improve the situation. 

  • PDA Criticizes RPS Position on Decriminalisation

    February 2016 The PDA

    In its consultation response PDA takes issue with RPS view that inadvertent errors have been decriminalised. 

  • PDA Responds to Proposals on Decriminalisation of Dispensing Errors

    Thu 14th May 2015 The PDA

    The four UK health departments consulted on legal changes related to the decriminalisation of dispensing errors and other matters being considered by the Rebalancing Medicines Legislation and Pharmacy Regulation programme board. The PDA challenged the adequacy of the proposals in several respects. 

  • Public Support for Decriminalisation of Dispensing Errors

    Sat 12th October 2013 The PDA

    Patients and the public support the decriminalisation dispensing errors. The partners' forum (comprising of pharmacy groups, patients and the public), set up to support the rebalancing programme met on 01/10/13. They agreed with an exemption from criminal sanctions for inadvertent errors. 

  • The joint campaign to seek decriminalisation of dispensing errors

    Wed 14th March 2012 The PDA

    Over the last 4 months the bodies in pharmacy have been working together in an unprecedented way to try and deliver a solution to the problem of the criminalisation of dispensing errors. 

  • Decriminalisation: A Joint Press Release

    Wed 14th March 2012 The PDA

    Over the last 4 months the bodies in pharmacy have been working together in an unprecedented way to try and deliver a solution to the problem of the criminalisation of dispensing errors. On Tuesday 13th of March an important debate was held in the Houses of Parliament on this matter. 

  • Pharmacy bodies respond to MHRA announcement on dispensing errors

    Thu 12th January 2012 The PDA

    Major pharmacy bodies have issued this joint statement following a recent MHRA announcement that it had made progress in decriminalising dispensing errors 

  • Decriminalisation of dispensing errors: a joint statement

    Thu 22nd December 2011 The PDA

    A number of pharmacy bodies show unity in their objective to decriminalise dispensing errors. They have issued the following statement 

  • Medicines’ Legislation Review; PDA wants removal of Section 64 of Medicines Act

    Wed 22nd December 2010 The PDA

    PDA tells MHRA that the current Section 64.1 of the Medicines Act is not 'fit for purpose' and was never intended to prosecute pharmacists for unintentional dispensing errors. It submits that it should be removed altogether when legislation is reviewed.  

  • Substantial progress made as a result of the Elizabeth Lee appeal

    Sat 17th July 2010 The PDA

    The practice that has developed in the last decade for the Police to use the 1968 Medicines Act to prosecute pharmacists once gross negligence manslaughter was excluded was a trend that the PDA was determined to stop, when Elizabeth Lee faced her initial trial in April 2009. 

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