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Don’t miss the deadline for registering for reasonable adjustments for the November 2022 assessment

The GPhC and the PSNI have committed to implementing learnings from the problematic Summer 2022 assessment which was run by the new online provider (BTL Group LTD). Many candidates will be planning to sit and some of the trainees who are eligible from England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, may require a reasonable adjustment in November 2022. 

Tue 2nd August 2022 The PDA

PDA meets with the GPhC

The PDA will continue to meet with the GPhC to share members’ views, lobby for a fair assessment process and keep informed regarding the development of the plans for the trainee foundation training year November 2022 examination sitting.

The GPhC along with the PSNI are committed to the online assessment examinations and the PDA wants to emphasise to PDA members that the deadline to request a reasonable adjustment for the November 2022 sitting is by 9 am Wednesday 10 August 2022.

Don’t miss out on applying for a reasonable adjustment

Collette Bradford, PDA Director of Organising & Engagement said, “We understand that some candidates are preparing their appeals from the June 2022 sitting. However, we don’t want any candidates who may be eligible for a reasonable adjustment to miss out. We encourage members to apply for a reasonable adjustment now if they need one and plan to sit the examinations in November. Please remember that adjustments can be for mental health as well as physical health and that medical evidence is required. The PDA wants to see a fair and equal process where only the ability to practise as a pharmacist differentiates between each candidate’s results.”

The PDA’s advice is that members should ask for a reasonable adjustment if they feel it would be beneficial to making their examination experience equal to those who do not need an adjustment.

If you are sitting the assessment in November 2022 you will know from your own health and from your experience of sitting previous exams what adjustment/s will help you avoid any disadvantage. If you feel that an adjustment would be helpful to you, then the PDA encourages you to request one now and provide as much information about your circumstances as possible along with medical and/or other evidence where necessary.

The regulator guidance for the June 2022 sitting says, “It would be appropriate to grant ‘reasonable adjustments’ to candidates who would be at a disadvantage in sitting the assessment because of health issues, disabilities, specific learning needs or other specific needs. Each request is assessed to make sure that the adjustment is appropriate and proportionate to the candidate’s needs.”

Duty to provide reasonable adjustments

Under the Equality Act 2010, qualification bodies must not discriminate and have a duty to provide reasonable adjustments to those who may need them. Reasonable adjustments are agreed upon to ensure that all candidates have a fair and equal opportunity, regardless of any disability, to sit the exam and to perform at their best.

The PDA is clear that trainees and potential pharmacists who have been allocated a reasonable adjustment by the regulator should expect to receive them on the day of the sitting whether that be additional time, a separate space, or other adjustments.

Collette Bradford said, “We expect that every candidate allocated a reasonable adjustment should have it implemented properly to ensure that these candidates are not placed at a disadvantage.”

Paul Day, PDA Director said, “Failure to implement a reasonable adjustment may be considered disability discrimination and the PDA has significant experience in supporting members who have been subject to acts of discrimination. We expect the regulator and BTL to have learnt from the Summer sitting and that all candidates who have an agreed reasonable adjustment in November 2022 will have the experience they deserve on the day.”

Examples of reasonable adjustments

Examples of reasonable adjustments that may be granted to remove a disadvantage due to a specific need include:

  • 25% extra time.
  • Use of special equipment or furniture.
  • Permission to use specific items during the assessment, for example, medical equipment, screen overlays and computer equipment.
  • Specific seating arrangements within a test centre, for example, sitting in a sole occupancy room.
  • Permission to leave your seat during the assessment, for example, to move or stretch.
  • Specific coloured paper for notes and workings.
  • Modifications to screen display outside of those available to all candidates as outlined in the registration assessment specification for sittings in 2022, for example, coloured text or background not specified in the registration assessment specifications.

What you need to know

Here are the key facts needed to know about the timeline and requirements for making a request for reasonable adjustments:

  1. Previous requests for previous sittings will not be transferred. You must submit a new request for each sitting.
  2. The deadline for submission of a request for reasonable adjustments for the June 2022 examination is 9 am Wednesday 10 August 2022.
  3. You will need to identify your condition and provide evidence of your diagnosis from a suitably qualified professional. You will also need to outline what adjustment you consider would mitigate your disadvantage.
  4. You must send your application and documents as a single PDF to:
  5. If you do not receive an email receipt acknowledgement within 5 days of submitting your form, you must contact the GPhC at:
  6. You will receive an automatic acknowledgement and an email to let you know the outcome of your request by Friday 16 September 2022.
  7. Please read all the information carefully. There is no process for submitting late adjustments for this sitting and therefore you must make sure you submit your application by 9 am Wednesday 10 August 2022.

The GPhC in collaboration with the PSNI has produced an in-depth guidance on submission, including what supporting evidence you will need, and the types of evidence accepted. There is also information on the types of adjustments that can be requested, how to complete the application process and the appeals process. This guidance can be found here.

Please contact the PDA if you need any help or support once you have read the guidance. The PDA will provide further information and guidance shortly.

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