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Global Pride Day – 27 June 2021

To mark Global Pride Day (27 June 2021) the PDA has worked with Troglo to produce a FREE factsheet on Sexuality and Gender to raise awareness and to help others to be more understanding of those in the LGBT+ community.

Sun 27th June 2021 The PDA

The PDA LGBT+ Network have been collaborating with Troglo who are redesigning sexual and reproductive healthcare services through a mobile-first digital clinic designed for LGBTQIA+ individuals. They are centering their services around innovating offerings to expand the reach of universal healthcare and make it more accessible to LGBTQIA+ individuals across Europe, starting with the UK.

Together, the PDA LGBT+ Network and Troglo are pleased to launch a FREE factsheet on Sexuality and Gender to coincide with Global Pride Day.

Globally, there have been great advances in equality for LGBT+ people. India’s Supreme Court decriminalised same-sex relations in 2018, tossing aside Section 377, which dictated that gay sex was “against the order of nature.” Also in 2018, Scotland was the first country to announce its decision to include LGBT+ education in its state schools’ curriculum. Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage in 2019.

However, there is still a long way to go. Many in the LGBT+ community fear for their lives in countries like Chechnya, where state-sponsored campaigns use extreme violence towards gay men. Same-sex sexual activity is still a crime in more than 70 countries. Even in the United States, many states are pushing for anti-trans legislation, despite the advances in LGBT+ rights. Anti-trans expressions can be found right here in the UK, where the LGB alliance was formed and accepted as a charity in 2021 but opposes trans and gender recognition.

Soh Xi Ken, Honorary Secretary of the PDA LGBT+ Network, said: “Pride is an opportunity for the global LGBT+ community to come together, celebrate, heal, educate and keep forging onwards. Everyone has a responsibility as a global citizen to fight inequality where we see it, and here at the PDA LGBT+ Network, we are committed to doing just that.”

Araxie Boyadjian, Co-Founder of Troglo, said: “Pride is a stark reminder that there needs to be far more attention around LGBTQIA+ issues every day of the year. Pride isn’t just painting rainbows everywhere, but a reminder that we are proud to be who we are unapologetically. We deserve to be respected and cared for, no matter how we identify or who we love. We hope our collaboration with the PDA, starting with the Sexuality and Gender factsheet, can help people take a closer look at the nuances between both themes and be better equipped to empathise and help queer individuals.”


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