Latest statement from the Joint Consultative Committee at Boots

The PDA Union and Boots have published the latest statement from their Joint Consultative Committee (JCC)

Thu 20th February 2020 PDA Union

The PDA Union and Boots have published the latest statement from their Joint Consultative Committee (JCC). The JCC brings together PDAU representatives from across the company to discuss matters of interest with senior company representatives and operates alongside the Joint Negotiating Body (JNB) where pay and other matters are negotiated between the two parties.

Joint Statement – Boots UK and PDAU Joint Consultative Committee

On Monday 20 January, 2020, Boots UK and the Pharmacists’ Defence Association Union (PDAU) held their second Joint Consultative Committee (JCC).

This marks the second of our regular consultation meetings relating to the agreed items as defined within the recognition agreement, a copy of which can be found – here (internal link  available on Boots website) .

For clarity, matters relating to pay, hours or holidays are negotiated under the Joint Negotiating Body (JNB). The JCC will only focus on collective matters and will not discuss matters relating to individuals.

The meeting was chaired by Anne Higgins, Director of Stores Pharmacy and was attended by all Regional and Divisional PDAU representatives along with Paul Day, Director, Pharmacists’ Defence Association & PDA Union and Helen Lewis, PDAU Representative Network Co-ordinator in attendance.

We had a productive, two-way conversation with feedback provided through Divisional and Regional Trade Union Representatives. The agenda had two standard items for discussion; health and safety and company based training. Adrian Bremner, Head of Safety, Environment and Governance, provided insights into accident data over the last 12 months. Iona Blake, Security & Incident Manager shared an overview of the current challenges across the Pharmacy industry as well as Boots current approach to protecting colleagues, products and stores.

Richard Dunne, Senior Manager, Pharmacy Learning and Development, gave an overview of the launch of Pharmacy School to date with the representatives providing further insight and suggestions for improvements going forward. An outcome was that two of the reps would act as conduit for all of the feedback on Pharmacy school from the bargaining unit.

There were also updates on Employee Wellbeing, Mytime, Holiday Booking Process and Resource. These presentations provided meaningful discussions.

An overview of the minutes and key actions are available (internal link). The next JCC meeting is scheduled to take place on April 20, 2020. We will provide regular updates on the progress of actions. For previous meeting minutes click (internal link) or for updates on actions to date click (internal link).


Kind regards,

Anne Higgins, Director of Stores Pharmacy– Boots UK
Paul Day, Director, PDA Union

The JCC at Boots meets quarterly and PDA members at Boots who want to discuss matters or have further questions should contact their local PDAU representative.

The linked documents are available to Boots employed pharmacists via the version of this statement that is published on the internal Boots forum “pharmacy unscripted”. Copies are also held at the PDA office.

The Pharmacists' Defence Association is a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England; Company No 4746656.

The Pharmacists' Defence Association is an appointed representative in respect of insurance mediation activities only of
The Pharmacy Insurance Agency Limited which is registered in England and Wales under company number 2591975
and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Register No 307063)

The PDA Union is recognised by the Certification Officer as an independent trade union.

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