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Joint Statement from LloydsPharmacy and PDA Union

Latest update from the Pharmacists Joint Consultative Committee at LloydsPharmacy

Tue 6th December 2022 The PDA

6 December 2022

Joint Statement from LloydsPharmacy and PDA Union

On 12th October, representatives of LloydsPharmacy management and employed pharmacists met for the sixth Pharmacist Joint Consultative Committee (PJCC).

The meetings are held quarterly and the PJCC is the forum at which the Company formally informs and consults with the PDA Union about material, non-negotiated, changes to matters impacting the bargaining unit. Health & Safety and Training is a standing item on each agenda, with other items raised by either side as appropriate.

PDA Union attendees were pharmacist/union representatives: Brian Henderson (8765), Aneil Nath (0217) and Anjlee Shah ((5092); supported by Paul Day and Claire Hirst from the PDA central team.

LloydsPharmacy management representatives were Victoria Steele (Superintendent and PJCC Chair), Johnny Dowd (Head of HR), Gemma Handley (HR Business Partner), Claire Wheatley (Professional Standards Co-Ordinator & Notetaker) with guest input from Anna Ruthven (Head of Services) & Laura Reed (Clinical Training Manager).

Following introductory remarks from Victoria Steele there were presentations followed by questions and discussion on the following topics:


Business Update

Update on previous PJCC actions and an update of company structural changes was provided. Aurelius have now completed the separation of previous McKesson companies into independent business units. LloydsPharmacy now has a new standalone Communications Team which it is hoped will alleviate some of the previous concerns expressed about overall communication issues within the business. A commitment was made to share further updates when available.


HR Update

The results of the company’s Pulse Survey (June) were presented. Findings were shared giving the reasons for people leaving or considering leaving the company; this was discussed in the wider context of recruitment and retention of pharmacists. It was agreed the company’s policies on flexible working and the #WorkYourWay initiative could be communicated more effectively and a renewed effort will be made to relay this to the wider teams via Regional Managers.

Following from previous PJCC discussions, it was agreed that going forward all pharmacists will receive a letter regarding bonus payments regardless of whether they are in line to receive payment or not under the current scheme. The latest gender pay gap report was also discussed; this is available on the McKesson website.

At the previous (fifth) PJCC the company’s current labour model (OpTime) was presented and discussed. It has been reaffirmed that it is still the intention to provide more detailed information to branch managers to help them better understand how OpTime impacts their individual branch. This will be communicated when a final decision is made on the details that can be shared.


Flu/Services Update

An update on this year’s Flu numbers was provided. It was agreed that branches are experiencing significant challenges in delivering the service this year. AAH deliveries, staffing (including double cover), technician (and locum) training, and managing the booking portal were discussed. It was agreed that communication over best practice would be shared with teams, data on technician service delivery would be analysed and discussed at a later date, and issues around booking portal appointment unblocking would be investigated.


LS Retail

Reps provided feedback from colleagues and members of the continuing impact of LS Retail. The company are aware that system updates have been disruptive and are working on strategies to reduce the impact these have on branch operations. It was agreed that PJCC feedback will be shared with the relevant HO teams and further developments will be shared with Reps at the next PJCC or before.


Staffing & Support

Reps were given a brief overview of the Newly Qualified programme launched this year. Discussion was had on current NQ numbers and the tailored support in place for pharmacists in their early years within the business. It was agreed that further details of the programme would be shared with reps. Introductions to the PDA for NQ was also discussed and will be considered further.

Health & Safety

Reps were advised that as a newly formed standalone business unit LloydsPharmacy is still in the process of establishing new H&S structures. It was agreed that further discussions on the formation of a H&S sub-committee, comprising PDA Union Reps and representatives of Head Office, will take place before the next PJCC meeting.

The impact of violence in pharmacies was also raised by reps. The company’s current policies and guidance around zero tolerance was discussed. It was agreed that the business will work towards a wider piece of communication and further guidance will be cascaded to colleagues on zero tolerance to violence and abuse to bring company policies closer to those of colleagues in other healthcare settings.

Collectively, we are looking forward to working constructively with each other on the issues raised and discussed, with the commitment to share updates with the bargaining unit and wider company in a timely manner.


LloydsPharmacy PDA Union Reps

Paul Day, Director, PDA Union

Victoria Steele, Superintendent Pharmacist


NB: Any links within the statement above are deliberately inactive. Pharmacists at LloydsPharmacy can access the links and documents referred to above, via the internal Looop platform where this statement is also published.

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