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PDA Union and LloydsPharmacy issue joint statement on recognition talks

PDA Union negotiators representing pharmacists at Lloyds Pharmacy have progressed talks with company representatives and the two sides have issued their first joint statement.

Wed 23rd December 2020 PDA Union


Joint Statement from LloydsPharmacy & PDA Union

Representatives of LloydsPharmacy and the PDA Union have met to discuss the next steps for reaching a voluntary agreement on trade union recognition which, if agreed, would remove the need for any ballot and the associated activity.  We believe this is the right approach for our pharmacists.

We are currently working on developing a voluntary recognition agreement where both parties will commit to creating a mutually respectful relationship which benefits the LloydsPharmacy business, its employees and PDA Union members alike.

The Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) decided the scope of the bargaining unit for the recognition application as:

All UK General Pharmaceutical Council or Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland registered pharmacists or pre-registration pharmacists employed within LloydsPharmacy Limited (excluding those with area management status and those of equivalent or more senior status)

Following the CAC decision, we have jointly requested that the CAC pause further progression of the ballot process until the end of January 2021. In the meantime both sides are working hard to reach a mutual voluntary agreement and are optimistic this can be achieved.

A series of discussions will now be held and further joint statements on progress will follow.


Jane Davies – UK Chief People Officer

Paul Day, Director, PDA Union

Dowload the joint statement by clicking on the image:

thumbnail of LP and PDA Statement – 23 December 2020

What next?

Union and company negotiators are optimistic that a voluntary agreement can be achieved and talks will continue into the new year.

However, if no voluntary agreement is reached, the process will move to a postal ballot in which the bargaining unit (c.2,600 pharmacists and pre-registration trainees) will be asked to vote as to whether they want the PDAU to conduct collective bargaining on their behalf.  Any such ballot would be managed by an independent body appointed by the Central Arbitration Committee and neither the employer or the union will ever know which way any individual voted.

Before any ballot there will be an extensive communication exercise by the union so that pharmacists can make an informed decision on the benefits of recognition.

For union recognition to be granted through the result of such a ballot:

  1. The majority of those voting must support the union recognition; and
  2. Those voting in support must be at least 40% of those eligible to vote.

That means approximately 1,050 Lloyds pharmacists and pre-registration trainees, or more, must vote positively.  Every vote will count and everybody entitled to do so will be encouraged to exercise their opportunity to vote for the benefit of all Lloyds pharmacists.


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Pharmacists at Lloyds seek an independent voice at work.

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