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LloydsPharmacy pay negotiations begin

The PDA Union has submitted its first-ever pay claim on behalf of pharmacists employed by LloydsPharmacy. The pay claim seeks an increase above price inflation to help restore the purchasing power of members’ income.

Tue 14th December 2021 The PDA

The PDA Union has today submitted the first-ever claim for improvements to terms and conditions on behalf of pharmacists employed by LloydsPharmacy covering those in the agreed bargaining unit. Pharmacists are able to negotiate improvements to pay under the recognition agreement, agreed voluntarily between the employer and union in February 2021.

Paul Moloney, PDA Union National Officer, explains “The recognition agreement reached voluntarily with the company in February, provide us with the right to negotiate on terms and conditions for the Bargaining Unit, pharmacists employed by the company. We have now submitted our first claim on behalf of members working in the company and look forward to negotiating on it with the company in the new year.”

The claim itself concentrates on four key issues.

  • Pay,
  • Overtime,
  • the Reward for experience, and
  • In-year pay reviews.

It was compiled following significant engagement with PDA Union members employed by LloydsPharmacy. This process included surveys, discussions with members at virtual meetings, and face-to-face discussions with PDA Union reps across the company.

The focus of the claim is pay and to reflect the views expressed by members. Through the survey, the company has been asked to consider a one-year agreement of an increase of 2.5% above price inflation, or a multi-year agreement of a 2% increase above price inflation in each of the next three years. The claim makes the case for the February inflation figure each year to be the relevant figure, as this is the closest figure to the date any increase is due, 1 April.

The claim also makes the case for a permanent overtime rate of 1.5 times basic pay or 2 times basic pay for bank holidays.

In addition, the claim invites the company to discuss how the in-year pay review process can be better used by members and how experience and expertise can be better reflected in the pay structure.

Paul continued “The claim also contains detailed financial information covering price inflation, annual earnings growth and other pay increases across the sector and the UK economy more generally. This ensures the claim reflects the views of members, is affordable and evidence-based.”

The PDA Union will be arranging a series of meetings with the company at which the negotiating team of PDA Union reps, who work as pharmacists in the company, supported by senior PDA Union officials, will present the claim and negotiate, hopefully reaching an agreed position well before April next year.

Paul concluded “It is important members recognise this is the beginning. It is a strong, evidence-based starting point, and we will be trying to do everything in our power to ensure the company responds positively and realistically to the points we have made.”

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