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PDA shares 2023 message from International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) President

The PDA joined FIP to seek out the very best ideas from a much larger international network for the benefit of PDA members. The New Year message from FIP President, Dominique Jordan, details some of FIP’s priority activity for this year.

Mon 9th January 2023 The PDA

Through participation in FIP activity, the PDA and individual members of the PDA not only get to learn from international colleagues, they have the chance to contribute to the international conversation about pharmacy too. The collective views of individual pharmacists can also pass through FIP to international discussions and ultimately to the World Health Organisation, if appropriate. 

Dominique Jordan’s new year message details some of the activity that PDA members can now connect with, because the PDA is a FIP member organisation. PDA Chairman, Mark Koziol, is now a member of the FIP Council and he welcomed the message from the President. He said “through FIP, the PDA can do even more for members by helping to make pharmacy practice more professionally fulfilling for them.”

Read Dominique Jordan’s message below:


A Happy New Year to you! As 2023 begins, I take the opportunity to outline some of FIP’s programmes of work. In the year ahead, we plan to continue to focus on the following key areas, among others, for the benefit of our populations and pharmacy, in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda, and guided by our global roadmap to support pharmacy transformation to 2030:
  • Data and intelligence Global pharmaceutical workforce data have been collated by FIP since 2006 and are used by our members to monitor national, regional and global workforce capacity changes and trends, informing workforce planning and leadership strategies. Early this year, we will collate more data to further monitor these trends to 2022. We will continue to undertake our Global Pharmaceutical Observatory (GPO) Multinational Needs Assessment Programme, and associated projects using our newly created FIP Development Goal indicators and expanding the GPO database which will contain all FIP data. Membership of FIP Data and Intelligence Commission, which advises the FIP leadership on the strategic direction of the GPO, will be refreshed for 2023 as part of our governance.
  • Implementation of the FIP Development Goals
  • Equity in pharmacy access to medicines, devices and services 
  • Sustainability in pharmacy
  • Educational partnerships and collaborations FIP is renewing its partnership with UNESCO, so that we can progress and establish UNITWIN Centres for Excellence across all regions. We seek to advance pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences education through educational partnerships. FIP education focused members will have the opportunity to be recognised by UNESCO as FIP’s official partners in the implementation of their priority FIP Development Goals.
  • Primary health care On the anniversary of Astana in 2022, we showcased 50 pharmacist-led initiatives on primary health care (PHC) in 27 countries. In 2023, we will build on these great efforts of our members and report pharmacy’s evidence of impact at a FIP Health Minister’s Summit around our world congress in September, against FIP Development Goals and the WHO PHC indicators.
  • Patient safety (including substandard and falsified medicines)
  • Antimicrobial stewardship
  • Non-communicable diseases management and prevention, and self care The FIP Practice Transformation Programme on NCDs will enter its implementation phase at country level and we look forward to working closely with our member organisations in transforming the care of NCDs through pharmacy services. Again, evidence of the impact of pharmacists and their team in managing NCDs across our nations will be presented at our Health Ministers summits in 2023.
  • Communicable diseases management & prevention (including vaccination) We will also continue to prioritise our focus on prevention, namely the role of pharmacists in vaccination. We will continue to support you with new advocacy and professional resources and data, and through key partnerships, like the Immunisations For All Ages initiative.
  • Provision and partnerships programme In 2023, this programme will collate and consolidate continuing professional development priorities across members and all FIP constituencies to address educational and training needs of FIP members in alignment with their local and regional objectives to achieve the FIP Development Goals. The FIP Consortium (our group of experts in CPD accreditation and quality assurance) will continue to recommend on awarding the FIP Seal to quality providers. We will build on the success of 2022, by planning and delivering CPD and wider opportunities across our members, based on their needs.
  • Workforce development
  • Regional and member engagement Through the integration of the regional pharmaceutical forums in FIP, we aim to strengthen our presence and support at regional level, and our collaboration with the regional offices of the World Health Organization.
Under these many areas and with a One FIP approach gathering colleagues from across all our constituencies, we anticipate many achievements, including policy and advocacy. Examples are revision of FIP policy statements on antimicrobial resistance, medicines information, green pharmacy and disaster management, and a new statement on the role of pharmacists in life-course vaccination. More immediately, over this next month, our members can look out for a quick reference guide for pharmacists and a digital event on reflux management in the community, a webinar on pharmacists’ contributions to telehealth, and a webinar on biorelevant dissolution testing, among other offerings. Make sure you follow us on FIP social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) to get the latest news.


Get more involved

I encourage you to get even more involved with advancing our profession and global health with us this year. You can do so, for example, by:

  • Sharing your experiences through FIP surveys;
  • Taking part in FIP Digital Events
  • Lending your knowledge and expertise to FIP forums/committees/working groups;
  • Engaging with FIP’s sections and special interest groups;
  • Participating in FIP World Pharmacists Day (25 September), FIP World Pharmacy Week (19-25 September) and other health campaigns;
  • Attending FIP’s 81st World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (24-28 September), which will focus on building a sustainable future for health care.
Last year, we saw further progression of pharmacy as part of the global agenda. With continued trust, solidarity and actions, together we will advance our great profession around the world.
I look forward to your active participation and wish you a successful and safe 2023.


Dominique Jordan
International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)

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