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PDAU proudly supports the Trade Union Clean Air Network Charter

As pharmacists, PDA members often see patients whose conditions are caused or aggravated by poor air quality.

Mon 21st October 2019 The PDA

Approximately one in five people in the UK has ever developed asthma, COPD or another long-term respiratory illness. Half of them are currently on treatment (mainly inhalers) for lung disease.

Good air quality is vital to maintaining good health and we also know that prevention is better than cure, so the PDA Union is proud to announce our support for the Trade Union Clean Air Network (TUCAN) Charter, which aims to generate a greater awareness of air pollution as both a public health and occupational health emergency.

“We are delighted to support such a crucial and pressing campaign”, says Paul Day, Director at the PDA Union. “There should be more recognition that air pollution is an occupational health issue as well as a public health one. We will be doing all we can to push this campaign through our networks to help affect change.”

“TUCAN welcomes the support by PDA Union for the charter”, says Janet Newsham, Chair Hazards Campaign and on behalf of TUCAN. “Trade unions need a response to the public health and occupational health emergency of air pollution. The charter is a first step to providing a framework for unions to campaign for the health and environmental concerns of their members.”

About the TUCAN Charter

Over 40,000 people die each year in the UK where the outdoor air that they breathe is a major contributory factor. Thousands of people will also die because of occupational diseases caused by air pollution at work. Pollution arising from work and travel to work are health issues for which employers take little responsibility.

This is an issue for workers and their families at all stages from before birth to old age. It is particularly damaging the growth and development of babies and children.

The TUCAN Charter calls on the government to:

  • Introduce a new Clean Air Act that enshrines the right to breathe clean air.
  • Update Health and Safety Law (such as COSHH).
  • Ensure effective enforcement
  • Involve the workforce
  • Protect jobs
  • Rapidly expand clean and inexpensive public transport systems alongside investment in active transport to increase levels of cycling and walking.

For more information about the TUCAN Charter, click the image below.

thumbnail of TUCAN Clean Air Charter

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