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UPDATE: Partial resolution secured for prov-reg pharmacists being blocked from working via NHS Bank

The PDA has already achieved partial progress for provisionally registered pharmacists who were being blocked from working on the NHS bank via NHS professionals and will continue to pursue this issue.

Tue 20th October 2020 PDA Union

The situation of provisionally registered pharmacist seeking to work via the bank is an extremely short term issue as the period where provisional registrants exist is expected to end in the new year, therefore issues relating to their activity need to be resolved with urgency.

Having raised the issue on behalf of prov-reg members several weeks ago, the PDA can now report that a Director at NHS professionals has confirmed to the PDA that prov-regs seeking to undertake bank work at their own trust will be able to do so. NHS professionals have also confirmed that their compliance department will be asked to confirm with the GPhC regarding permissions for bank working at other trusts.

This is welcome progress and the PDA understand that the pandemic has created many new issues for all organisations and commends any organisation prepared to listen to what pharmacists are saying.  We have reiterated that the GPhC has principle responsibility for the safety of pharmacy patients and that they determined bank working by provisional registrants was appropriate when they created the provisional registration status.

PDA Director Paul Day said “We welcome this progress from NHS professionals and their commitment to make sure they are neither blocking the activity of prov-reg pharmacists nor frustrating the needs of any trust that is asking for prov-regs to undertake additional work. We hope to see further clarity shortly that confirms the situation on bank work at other trusts.

The PDA believe that this outcome should be positive for all concerned with the prov-regs having the potential to gain additional experience and for the trusts to have the capacity for their pharmacists to deliver the patient care needed during a second wave of the pandemic.

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