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Knights Pharmacy acquires 20 branch multiple “Pearn’s Pharmacy” – PDA can support members when their employer changes

Pearn’s Pharmacies, located in South Wales has been sold to Knights Pharmacy, creating a 90+ pharmacy multiple chain. As an independent trade union, the PDA can provide support and guidance for members at what can be a worrying time.

Mon 6th September 2021 PDA Union

Knights pharmacy has added 20 pharmacies to their network by acquiring Pearn’s, an existing smaller multiple in South Wales. The new business will be a 90+ pharmacy multiple.

No matter how similar the two former businesses were in culture or practice, such changes of ownership can be of significant concern to individuals who are employed at either of the two former smaller multiples, and the PDA encourage members to contact their union for advice if they have any concerns about the implications for their employment.

In cases where an existing business is acquired and absorbed into another, employees at the acquired business will usually find that through no act or decision of their own, they will have a new employer. The company transfers will often also mean new people, processes and other changes impacting their working lives.

However, in circumstances like this, the employees’ contract of employment can also be transferred to the new employer under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations, also known as “TUPE”. This means that the contract of employment of the individuals transfer to the new employer and effectively the individual should not see any major changes to their working arrangements because of the transfer.

Those at the acquiring business may also find that the change to being a larger business impacts on their working arrangements in a similar way, as the enlarged business evolves into its new form.

If members in either business are concerned about such changes they should contact the PDA Service Centre. Members can ask us for support before, during and/or after the transfer if needed. It is normally better to contact us as questions or concerns emerge, rather than allow the situation to develop before confirming and exercising your rights at work.

In advance of such situations, we would also encourage any pharmacists that are not yet PDA members to join us



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