Well Pharmacy: Hepatitis B immunisation

It has been brought to the PDA’s attention that some employees of Well Pharmacy may have been asked to start providing flu vaccinations despite not having been immunised to protect against Hepatitis B. We understand there is currently a national shortage of Hepatitis B Vaccine in the UK.

Thu 20th September 2018 PDA Union

By law, employers have a duty of care toward employees who are at risk of exposure to blood-borne viruses, e.g. through accidental injury from contaminated sharp instruments. Employers are required to assess the risks and to apply measures to prevent or control the risks of exposure, and to provide Hepatitis B vaccinations free of charge.

Employers must provide advice on the risks to employees who decide not to be vaccinated. Employers must provide appropriate training and make employees aware of the risks associated with the handling and disposal of clinical waste and ensure that correct procedures are used to minimise those risks, and they must put in place a needle stick injury procedure. Records of vaccinations of employees should be kept, and outcomes should be monitored.

The PDA cannot recommend that members put themselves at risk of Hepatitis B infection by forgoing appropriate vaccination in the interests of delivering a service Well is encouraging them to provide. Our advice to any concerned member whose employer requests them to provide vaccination services but who has not been immunised against Hepatitis B, or who requires the booster dose which is recommended five years after primary immunisation, would be to write to their employer to the effect that the request is unreasonable.

Members with concerns should not sign the relevant Patient Group Direction to agree to provide the service until the required Hepatitis B vaccination has been provided. In the event of ongoing pressure to provide the service prior to being immunised to protect against Hepatitis B, members should consult the PDA Employment Legal Advisory team (telephone 01216947000) for advice on raising a formal grievance.


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