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PDA responds to apprenticeship consultations for health professionals

The PDA is responding to a series of consultations published on 4 November by the Institute of Apprenticeships & Technical Education (IFATE) which include proposals for pharmacy technicians, optometrists, and doctors. These IFATE consultations provide less than two weeks for interested parties to respond.

Mon 15th November 2021 The PDA

Optometrists are colleague health professionals practicing in similar circumstances to pharmacists. As of November 2019, PDA have been contacted by representatives of the optometrists asking that their efforts to prevent an unsuitable apprenticeship scheme are highlighted to pharmacists.


Optometrists are in a sector significantly influenced by a small number of large employers and face many of the same challenges that pharmacists do. Employers have attempted to introduce an apprenticeship scheme for optometrists despite significant objection by the profession.

The PDA lead the successful campaign to stop an earlier proposal for an unsuitable apprenticeship scheme for pharmacists, however, a group of employers are still working on a new proposal. We know that the suggestion that community pharmacy multiple branches are an appropriate environment for a health professional to be developed through an apprenticeship is a fantasy, and need to inform those who decide on potential apprenticeships of the reality in such places.

Many of the arguments against the previous pharmacist proposal, will also apply to the current proposal for optometrists and optometrist colleagues have asked for support in challenging the proposals impacting their profession.

Despite the incredibly short consultation timeframe, the PDA will be submitting a response. The PDA also invite pharmacists to respond individually before the closing date, which is Tuesday 16th November 2021 (i.e. tomorrow).


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