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PDA praise CPS and Scottish Government for including community pharmacy in COVID-19 related death in service scheme

The PDA welcome the announcement from Community Pharmacy Scotland (CPS) that the Scottish government will include community pharmacy colleagues in the COVID-19 related death in service scheme that they have been developing over the last few weeks.

Mon 4th May 2020 The PDA

That pharmacists working directly for the NHS would be covered by the COVID-19 related death in service scheme was a precedent that had already been set in England and Wales. However, to support the work being done by Community Pharmacy Scotland (CPS) last week to ensure that the scheme in Scotland also covered community pharmacists and their teams, the PDA sent a letter to the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport explaining that pharmacists, whether as locums or employed by the private sector pharmacy contractors, were now working on the front line in a greater way than ever before.

As more GP surgeries closed their doors to walk in patients and were largely taking pre-screened bookings only, the local pharmacy had become the front line on this war on the Coronavirus in the community. The PDA was delighted that on Friday 1st of May, CPS was able to announce that the Scottish government had confirmed its intention to include community pharmacy colleagues in the Covid-19 related death in service scheme.

CPS Chief Executive, Professor Harry McQuillan, announced that decision in one of his regular video updates, watch the video here.

Both Community Pharmacy Scotland and the Scottish Government deserve praise for how, over an extended period of time they have worked to embed community pharmacy into the heart of primary care. This announcement in Scotland (and that seen in Wales previously) is a reflection of how community pharmacy is valued and respected as a critical part of the health and social care service in a way that sadly is not yet seen in England.

The announcement about arrangements in Scotland follows original confirmation in Wales and a U-turn in England that means community pharmacy will be included in coronavirus related death in service compensation schemes funded by national governments.

Having already communicated with the Health Minister for Northern Ireland, the PDA is awaiting confirmation of the Northern Ireland death in service arrangements for pharmacy.

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