PDA Union Recognition at Boots

Boots pharmacists and pre-registration graduates will soon have the opportunity to vote for a better future, and an independent voice at work.

Boots pharmacists and pre-registration graduates will soon have the opportunity to vote yes for a better future, and an independent voice at work. Ballot papers will be sent to their home addresses, to allow them to vote for legal “recognition” of the PDA Union to negotiate better terms and conditions on behalf of Boots pharmacists. It’s extremely important to ensure that the company holds all up to date employee details to ensure that individuals don’t miss out on having their say.

The PDA Union was formed by pharmacists, for pharmacists. Our focus has always been on protecting and improving professional autonomy, working conditions and employment terms for pharmacists.

Latest articles about our campaign for Boots Recognition

  • Boots recognition: An 8-year Journey

    Thu 24th January 2019 PDA Union

    Boots Pharmacists’ legal battle to secure an independent voice at work in order to improve their working conditions will shortly reach its eighth anniversary. This means that it is likely that many of the pre-registration and newly qualified pharmacists now employed by the retailer had not finished secondary school when the action began. 

  • Improving Equality at Boots

    Wed 23rd January 2019 PDA Union

    A key objective of the PDA Union is to tackle inequality at work and when we say that, we mean our constitution explicitly states that we exist to “promote equality for all and to eliminate all forms of harassment, prejudice and unfair discrimination…”  

  • Boots Ballot: An international perspective

    Tue 22nd January 2019 PDA Union

    We know that the senior management at Boots UK have spent 8 years preventing you from having your trade union, the PDA Union, legally recognised but have you ever wondered how Walgreen Boots Alliance (WBA) relate to pharmacist trade unions in other countries? 

  • Boots: How forced distribution can inhibit genuine performance management

    Mon 21st January 2019 PDA Union

    Pharmacists tell us the current pay and reward system in Boots is demoralising, unfair and opaque, and it must be changed. 

  • Boots Pharmacists: Why recognise a trade union?

    Sun 20th January 2019 PDA Union

    Doctors have the BMA, Physiotherapists the CSP, Nurses the RCN, Midwives the RCM and so on across the sector. Since 2008, Pharmacists have had the PDA Union standing up for their rights too. 

  • Should Boots be proud of their pay practice?

    Sat 19th January 2019 PDA Union

    A senior company director recently said that Boots are “proud of [its] market-leading levels of pay for [its] pharmacy population.” So we want to explain what that pay system involves. 

  • Pharmacists call on Boots to allow maximum voting period in recognition ballot

    Fri 18th January 2019 PDA Union

    Pharmacists and pre-registration trainees are calling upon Boots to support an application by the PDA Union to request that ballot papers are posted out at the start of the ballot period, to help ensure as many pharmacists as possible can participate in the vote. 

  • Boots senior management adopt anti-union tactics to try and defeat the vote

    Thu 10th January 2019 The PDA

    In the forthcoming recognition ballot, Boots pharmacists have the opportunity to secure an independent voice at work. In preparation, the PDA Union spoke to employment relation experts to understand what pharmacists could expect if an employer wanted to deny its workers independent union representation.  

  • Pharmacists start countdown to Boots Ballot

    Sat 5th January 2019 PDA Union

    The end to more than six years of courtroom battles is now in sight and the PDA Union have started a clock counting down the time left before the historic ballot starts. 

  • Boots ballot isn’t about the future of pharmacy, it’s about making sure pharmacists are properly listened to and treated better at work

    Fri 4th January 2019 PDA Union

    Pharmacists at Boots are just five weeks away from being able to secure an independent voice at work after more than seven years of legal processes and their trade union, the PDAU, want everyone eligible to vote in the coming ballot to take part. 

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The Pharmacists' Defence Association is an appointed representative in respect of insurance mediation activities only of
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The PDA Union is recognised by the Certification Officer as an independent trade union.

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