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PDA NAWP Network launches Spotlight on Periods

The latest NAWP Spotlight, ‘Period Matters’ aims to raise awareness of the impact that periods can have, both physically and mentally, on women in the workplace.

Tue 9th July 2024 The PDA

NAWP Spotlights allow members to share their personal experiences of the issues that matter and how these issues impact them at work. By highlighting the day-to-day experiences of women, the network hopes to normalise these topics and support women by showing them they are not alone.

The NAWP Spotlight ‘Period Matters’ has provided a platform for women in pharmacy to share their experiences of period symptoms, such as physical discomfort and emotional fluctuations, and their impacts. Although so many employees menstruate while at work, there is still a lack of empathy and support that needs addressing.

President of the PDA NAWP Network, Ayah Abbass said, Growing up, I was always told not to talk about my period because it’s embarrassing and might make the people around me feel uncomfortable. I used to ensure that I hid my period pad and felt so ashamed for having a period. As I got older, my period pain started to get stronger.

It’s very important to share your experiences to help raise awareness of this issue and to help you understand your period properly.”

According to a report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, almost four in five women have experienced menstruation symptoms and more than two-thirds of those with symptoms have experienced a negative impact at work. However, only 12% of organisations provide support for menstruation and menstrual health.

To improve these results, it is important to raise awareness of the effects that periods can have on workers and encourage employers to create a more period-friendly workplace.

The PDA encourages pharmacists to download this NAWP Spotlight and share it with their colleagues and employers.

READ Period Matters HERE

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NAWP Spotlights first launched in October 2023, when NAWP released ‘Menopause Matters’ to celebrate World Menopause Day.

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