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PDA secures nearly £196K in payments for pharmacists through recent tribunal claims

In the last year, PDA members have secured almost £196k from employers that had treated pharmacists badly or breached their rights in some way.

Fri 28th January 2022 The PDA

The PDA tries to support members to resolve workplace disputes early, locally, and without a conflict or formal dispute if possible. However, sometimes situations cannot be satisfactorily resolved internally with an employer. Depending on the details of each situation, and the merits of proceeding, cases may escalate into the legal system.

If cases remain disputed to the point of a legal hearing becoming necessary, it can mean a judgment is sometimes subsequently publicly available. Some previous judgements involving pharmacy employers can be read here.

However, some employers, perhaps recognising the reputational risk if the public learn about how they have treated an employee, may allow cases to proceed until just before a hearing is scheduled, and then offer a settlement beforehand. No matter how strong the case, there is always some risk for the individual that it may not be successful. The PDA supports individuals to give any such settlement proposal due consideration.

If settlements are agreed, the detailed evidence and decisions on the case do not usually reach the public domain, and the PDA may be bound by a confidentiality clause within an agreement that the member made. This means that although the union can confirm how much has been secured for members after lodging legal claims, the details cannot be divulged.

Without disclosing details, the PDA can share cases recently settled including issues around:

  • unfair dismissal
  • maternity
  • mistreatment of part-time employees
  • disability discrimination
  • race discrimination
  • situations after pharmacies were transferred and employees TUPE transferred to the new employer
  • unfair deductions of wages.

There were other cases too.

The PDA is continuously helping pharmacists to understand and exercise their rights when such unfair treatment occurs. While no employee expects to be treated badly like the members who were involved above, this is the reality for some pharmacists. Sadly this could happen to any pharmacist.

However, as a membership organisation and independent trade union, the PDA’s support for individuals cannot extend to those who have not joined the PDA as a member. This is the key reason that the PDA encourages all employed and locum pharmacists to sign up and join the PDA.

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